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Banking Services

Debit Cards

  • Save on checks and make purchases with your debit card
  • Out of town and need cash? Use your debit card at an ATM

Cashier Checks

  • Don't carry large amounts of cash to make a purchase
  • Cashier checks are more readily accepted for large purchases than a personal check

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Keep your valuables and important papers in a secure location (Contents of safe deposit boxes NOTinsured by FDIC)
  • Various box sizes to meet your needs

Incoming/Outgoing Wire Transfers

  • Funds available immediately for all incoming wires
  • Same day wires to anywhere within the U.S.

Automatic Payments

  • Have your loan payments deducted from your account
  • Avoid late payments
  • Schedule recurring transactions between different accounts


  • Send or receive faxes with us


  • Let us use our industrial copier to quickly make copies for you

Zipper Bags

  • Vinyl bank bags available for purchase

Night Depository

  • For transactions after banking hours, please use our safe and secure drop box located on the southeast corner of the bank
  • By dual control, your deposits or loan payments are verified and processed the next business day
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